Financial Valuation Services

Every financial valuation has its own level of complexity. CVA analysts have the experience of conducting valuations for entities from start-ups to multi national billion dollar corporations. What sets CVA apart is our wide range of valuation experience and the variety of financial valuation services we provide.

Services Offered

  • Financial Reporting
    • Purchase Price Allocations
      (FASB ASC 805, FAS 141(R))
    • Stock and Stock Option Valuations
      (FASB ASC 718, FAS 123(R))
    • Intangible Asset and Goodwill Impairment Evaluations
      (FASB ASC 350 & 360, FAS 142 & 144)
    • Private Equity Compliance Valuations
      (FASB ASC 820, FAS 157)
    • Fresh Start Accounting Valuations
  • Solvency, Surplus and Fairness Opinions
  • Enterprise and Equity Valuations
  • Estate Planning
  • Start-Up Company Valuations
  • Trademarks, Patents, Customer Lists and other Intellectual Property
  • Estate Planning
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Tax Reporting
    • IRC Sections 338 (H) (10) & 1060 (Purchase Price Allocation)
    • IRC Sections 482 (Transfer Pricing)
    • IRC Section 409 (Stock Options)

Financial Valuation Services

Our financial valuation group knows where to look for value as well as how to quantify that value once it is identified. They also understand the intricacies and implications associated with the various accounting and tax pronouncements underlying the need for detailed and documented value conclusions.

The CVA team is well-versed in the accounting and tax requirements underlying the need for financial valuations. Group members routinely conduct valuations for compliance with FASB 718, 805, 820, 350 and 360 as well as Sections 1060, 338(h)(10) and other relevant provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. Also, our financial valuation group is always undertaking other forms of sophisticated financial analyses to assist our client companies in their evaluation of strategic growth or tax shifting opportunities


We possess a deep and wide range of experience in many industries.

From the valuation of a business enterprise to the valuation of a stock option, from the valuation of an intangible asset to the valuation of a financial derivative, from conducting a solvency evaluation to conducting a fairness evaluation, we have the ability to distill complex assets into their various value components.

Our portfolio of brand valuations include the brands of apparel and accessory designers and manufacturers, food and beverage manufacturers, sporting goods manufacturers, cosmetic manufacturers, vitamin and nutritional supplement manufacturers, boat manufacturers, toy and hobby product manufacturers, magazine publishers, furniture manufacturers and other consumer product manufacturers.

While some of the brands we’ve valued are exposed to a regional audience, others are of national stature in which the brand ranks first, second or third (by market share) in the space in which it competes.

Whether a development stage company or a company with a hundred years of operating history, we can address the financial valuation issues confronting the organization. These items range from the familiar to the complex and have included:

  • The valuation of management rights created through a reverse triangular merger.
  • The allocation of the lump sum purchase price paid for a holding company among its 50+ first, second and third tier subsidiaries.
  • The valuation of seven different classes of membership units, each of which had certain rights and preferences on cash flow distributions and liquidation proceeds.
  • A variety of other analyses designed to establish fair consideration in ongoing transactions between affiliated entities.

Our Worldwide Client Base

Our client base extends well beyond North America to clients in South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. That client base includes major lending institutions, public and private companies, private equity and hedge funds as well as owners of large commercial and industrial properties.

For more than a decade I have engaged Corporate Valuation Advisors, Inc. to meet a variety of valuation requirements.. In each instance they have provided us with very thorough and prompt and sustainable service. CVA’s conscientious attention to detail and over-all understanding of our businesses, as well as the accessibility of their professional staff has always met and usually exceeded our expectation. I highly recommend Corporate Valuation Advisors, Inc., their expertise has proven to be of great value to the companies for whom I have worked.
Stuart S., Head of Tax, IDT Corporation
We have had 11 acquisitions over the past 5 years and have chosen CVA to perform valuation services on our behalf on almost every engagement. Namely, we keep coming back to the CVA team, as they have proven they can work effectively, efficiently and are dedicated to their professionalism. This includes assisting with the requirements of our internal and external accounting staff, our corporate development team and our executive staff.
Shane H., Global Controller & Principal Accounting Officer, Quaker Chemical Corporation
Corporate Valuation Advisors has provided valuation and purchase price allocation advisory services in connection with numerous acquisitions made by Kainos Capital and its portfolio companies. The CVA team has worked effectively and seamlessly with Kainos, our management teams and all applicable third party advisors to deliver quality and timely service. Their work on our behalf has been first rate in all respects.
Daniel H., Partner, Kainos Capital
CVA has performed a quarterly business valuation for several years for us and the flexibility regarding timing and review has always been strong point for them. This past year, we engaged in a special project that typically would take 2-3 weeks and at the onset, we thought that the time-frame wouldn’t be a problem. Not only did we have to shorten the request to less than a week, we requested that they also make a presentation to our Board of Directors in that same one week time-frame. Brad and Jim were professional and raised the bar on their flexibility from the beginning to end of the project. I’m sure I didn’t thank them enough.
Michael G., Corporate Controller, Vi-Jon
CVA has been a valued partner for Bowtech, Inc., a leading archery products manufacturer, providing valuation services for acquired companies as well equity-based compensation securities. The CVA team is professional, highly competent and very efficient. I have found them to be very responsive, and always ready to jump on the phone to help solve issues, offering the benefit of their deep perspective in an increasingly technical world. One of the value-added services we have found helpful is their collaborative approach to working with our auditors, helping middle-market companies like ours to be compliant with all valuation accounting requirements.
Sam R., Chief Financial Officer, Bowtech

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