The Value of our Value

Experience is paramount in producing valuation conclusions. This experience has been instrumental to the success of CVA over its 25+ year history.

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The Value of Working with Corporate Valuation Advisors

Whether a business enterprise, a single share of stock, a stock warrant, a stock option, improved real estate, machinery and equipment or an intangible asset, certain assumptions are inherent in the estimation of value. Since assumptions affect value, then facts must support the basis of those assumptions to the greatest extent possible.

We pride ourselves on being a fact-based organization. We readily acknowledge the uncompromising link between facts and supportable assumptions and the vulnerability of any value estimate bred from the impulsive journey of many into the unrepentant world of unsupported assumptions. It is for this reason that we rely upon extensive market research as well as industry data and trends to establish the facts in order to formulate and support the assumptions which underlie the development of our value estimate. To do otherwise only allows for the square peg of value to become hopelessly lodged in the round hole of controversy and dispute.

Value is expressed as a monetary amount. That amount serves as the basis for review, discussion, disagreement, negotiation or even litigation. Where the value at issue is the value expressed by Corporate Valuation Advisors, Inc., we remain ready to support and defend that value. In doing so, we set forth the facts we identified through our extensive research and demonstrate a fair and reasonable application of those facts to the formulation of those assumptions which underlie our value estimate. This approach has sustained us over our 25+ year history and will continue to sustain us going forward. It is the reason why our worldwide client base recognizes the value of our value.

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