Real Estate Valuation and Consulting Services

Real Estate Valuation and Consulting Services

Corporate Valuation Advisors produces reliable real estate appraisal and consulting reports for a multitude of purposes that are utilized by individuals and organizations across a diverse array of industries both domestic and international. Members of our real estate advisory group possess some of the most highly regarded valuation credentials available in the profession, such as the Appraisal Institute’s MAI designation and the American Society of Appraisers’ ASA designation. With tremendous breadth of knowledge in real estate valuation and cost segregation, CVA has provided expert valuation services throughout the United States and across the globe for clients ranging from small investment groups to multi-national organizations. As an independent valuation consulting firm, CVA provides unbiased, well-reasoned, and defensible appraisals in an efficient manner and for reasonable fees all while maintaining exceptional communication with clients to ensure the valuation is both accurate and serves the needs of the client.

Real Estate Valuation Services:

  • Buy and Sell Decisions
    • Whether deciding to purchase real estate or divest of your holdings, an independent appraisal by CVA will make you an informed market participant.   Real estate brokers and agents are knowledgeable, but they are not independent.
  • Collateral Finance/Mortgage Lending Appraisals
    • Title XI of the Federal Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989 (FIRREA) and Small Business Association (SBA) compliant appraisals.  In addition, we conduct appraisals for other institutions contributing funds to, or investing in, development projects that require well supported valuations.
  • Condemnation
  • Donations and Estate Tax
    • The IRS requires a valuation by a qualified appraiser of all assets donated or transferred between generations.  We are qualified appraisers experienced in donation and estate tax requirements. Click here or contact us to learn more how we can provide cost effective, fully supportable, timely appraisals of your assets.
  • Fair Rental
  • Financial Reporting (e.g. ASC 805, ASC 820)
  • Litigation Support
  • Insurance
  • Property Tax/Ad Valorem Tax
    • Local jurisdictions levy taxes on real estate based on mass appraisal techniques resulting in disparate differences between the true market value of your property and the assessment. Worse yet, if your property is unique to a jurisdiction the assessor may employ techniques that result in a gross over assessment of your property.  Contact us to discuss your specific situation and how we can help.
  • Tax Reporting

Real Estate Consultation Services:

  • Appraisal Review
  • Condition Studies
  • Cost Segregation
    • The IRS allows accelerated depreciation on certain qualifying property (IRC Section 1245) constructed or acquired by users or direct investors in commercial real estate saving the taxpayer multiples of the cost of the required cost segregation study. Click here or contact us to learn more and get a free personalized cost/benefit analysis.
  • Market Research
  • Offer/Option Analysis
  • Reserve/Capital Expenditure Requirement Studies