Ad Valorem Tax and Property Tax Appeal Services

Ad Valorem Tax and Property Tax Appeal Services

We’ll manage the Property Tax Appeal process on your behalf to positively impact your bottom line.

Consider for a moment a taxing jurisdiction in which thousands of properties of varying types are located. The role of the tax assessor and their professional staff is to establish the taxable value of each property within the confines of their given jurisdiction. In many instances it is very difficult to insure that the assessment of a given property is equitable in relation to other similar properties within the same taxing jurisdiction. The sheer volume alone of properties which need to be evaluated on an annual basis significantly limits the amount of time that can be spent considering the differences of individual properties. This explains why property tax assessor’s rely primarily on mass appraisal techniques. If the foregoing suggests to you an environment in which an over assessment occurs on a regular basis, then you will understand why our Property Tax Appeal and Ad Valorem Tax Services group has consistently delivered significant tax saving for clients since being established over 30 years ago.

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We provide a risk-free means of achieving a fair and equitable assessment.

Our Property Tax Service Group provides our clients a cost effective, risk free means of achieving fair and equitable property tax assessments of both their real and personal property. Over the past several years we have successfully coordinated and managed property tax engagements for more than 200 clients. The property tax savings realized by our clients range from a few thousand dollars to more than a quarter million dollars annually.

Nationwide services and capabilities.

We provide property tax services in every real estate market throughout the United States. We are able to achieve this through our affiliation with our contacts and the National Property Tax Group. As such, we are able to provide a coordinated approach to resolve assessment issues for our clients who conduct business in multiple states. This is a huge advantage to our clients as they need to only hire one property tax representative who can manage all of their property tax concerns.