Intellectual Property
Valuation Services

Be assured that your valuation professional has the experience and accreditations to properly estimate the value of your intellectual property, which often times is the most understated asset on your balance sheet.

The valuation of intellectual property is an area of specialization for CVA.

We value intellectual property for financing purposes, to establish a transfer price for the intellectual property, to establish fair royalty rates for licensing agreements, for sale/leaseback purposes and as a portion of most purchase price allocation projects (FASB ASC 805).

Our firm has valued numerous types of intellectual property including trademarks and trade names, patents, patent applications, formulations, trade secrets, customer based relationships (i.e., customers, distributors, advertisers, subscribers, exhibitors, growers, etc.), proprietary software, non-compete agreements and contracts.

The technology based intellectual property valued by CVA covers a wide range of industries. We have experience valuing a wide range of technologies from fairly basic industrial technologies to state of the art medical and energy technologies that could make a significant impact on their respective industries.

Corporate Valuation Advisors has provided valuation and purchase price allocation advisory services in connection with numerous intellectual property related acquisitions made by ABG. The CVA team has worked effectively and seamlessly with our outside accountants and our in-house accounting and M&A staff. Their work on our behalf has been first rate in all respects.
Kevin C., Chief Financial Officer, Authentic Brands Group LLC
While there are many choices out there, CVA has been my gold standard for M&A valuation and corporate finance services for more than 25 years. They are dedicated business partners that provide exceptional value to their clients. Would you accept anything less?
Lou D., Sr. Tax Executive, Choice Hotels
CVA has performed a quarterly business valuation for several years for us and the flexibility regarding timing and review has always been strong point for them. This past year, we engaged in a special project that typically would take 2-3 weeks and at the onset, we thought that the time-frame wouldn’t be a problem. Not only did we have to shorten the request to less than a week, we requested that they also make a presentation to our Board of Directors in that same one week time-frame. Brad and Jim were professional and raised the bar on their flexibility from the beginning to end of the project. I’m sure I didn’t thank them enough.
Michael G., Corporate Controller, Vi-Jon
CVA has been a valued partner for Bowtech, Inc., a leading archery products manufacturer, providing valuation services for acquired companies as well equity-based compensation securities. The CVA team is professional, highly competent and very efficient. I have found them to be very responsive, and always ready to jump on the phone to help solve issues, offering the benefit of their deep perspective in an increasingly technical world. One of the value-added services we have found helpful is their collaborative approach to working with our auditors, helping middle-market companies like ours to be compliant with all valuation accounting requirements.
Sam R., Chief Financial Officer, Bowtech
We have worked with CVA since 2006 and have been delighted with the services they have performed for us over the years. CVA has always been responsive to our needs in providing high quality work. We have found that CVA’s service does not end when they deliver the product, but continues long after when questions arise.
Pat S., Chief Accounting Officer, West Corporation

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Extensive Trademark and Brand Valuation Experience

In addition to our extensive experience performing trademark valuations for purchase price allocations of companies in various industries, CVA also provides trademark and brand valuation services for the possible extension and monitoring of previously extended credit facilities. Many of the brand appraisal services performed by CVA are updated on a regular basis for some of the largest lending institutions throughout the United States and other non-traditional lending sources. A list of the industries covered by brands valued by CVA are shown to the right with more details below.

A list of the industries covered by brands valued by CVA includes:

icons-intellectual-property_apparel Apparel – Men’s, Women’s and Children’s

icons-intellectual-property_Food-Beverage Food and Beverage

icons-intellectual-property_Retail Retail – Various Specialty

icons-intellectual-property_consumer-products Consumer Products and Home Goods

icons-intellectual-property_Toys-Games Toys and Games

icons-intellectual-property_Industrial Industrial

icons-intellectual-property_Entertainment Entertainment and Iconic Performers

Apparel – Men’s, Women’s and Children’s

CVA has considerable experience in the valuation of apparel brands. We have experience in valuing men’s, women’s and kid’s brands, undergarments, outerwear and active wear brands. In addition to appraising brands that are widely available at major retailers on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis, we have also appraised boutique brands including one of the most famous and well-recognized jewelers in the world.

Food and Beverage

Food related brands appraised by CVA include more than 30 beer brands, the market leader in meat snack products, regional snack food brands, gourmet coffee brands, numerous cookie brands, dairy, ice cream and cereal brands. CVA has also appraised various natural food and nutraceutical brands.

Consumer Products and Home Goods

Included in our consumer product and home goods brand valuation portfolio are brands related to  kitchen and office accessories, glassware and small kitchen appliances.  Our consumer product brand valuation portfolio also includes brands associated with various home improvement products and consumer hand and shop tools.  CVA has also appraised boat, motorcycle, reference guides, firearms, sporting good and cutlery brands.

Retail – Various Specialty

While CVA has extensive experience in the appraisal of apparel brands, we have also appraised the trademarks associated with retailers. Retailers appraised by CVA include a sports apparel related franchisor, formalwear stores, various jewelry retailers, and furniture stores. CVA has also conducted numerous valuations of quick service restaurant franchise concepts. In addition to storefronts associated with brick and mortar retail stores, we have also appraised various retail and service websites.

Industrial Brands

Industrial trademarks and brands appraised by CVA relate to industrial electronics, valves, and various other machinery, hydraulic and aerospace components.  We have also been involved in valuations for the automotive industry, specifically airbags, brakes and designer automobile rims. CVA has also appraised well-recognized consumer paint and stain brands.

Toy & Games

CVA has also appraised various types of toy brands. Brands appraised by CVA include model trains, stuffed animals, entertainment system accessories and other nostalgic toy brands.

Entertainment and Iconic Performers

Entertainment related trademarks appraised by CVA include iconic entertainers and athletes such as Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Monroe and Shaq.

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