Bob Fetter

Bob Fetter
Bob FetterSenior Valuation Analyst and Project Manager
Mr. Fetter is a senior valuation analyst and project manager for Corporate Valuation Advisors, Inc. Mr. Fetter is primarily responsible for business appraisals and the valuation of intellectual property and other intangible assets primarily for financial reporting, federal tax and other regulatory compliance. He has performed appraisals in a wide array of industries for estate & gift planning, mergers & acquisitions, purchase price allocations, licensing and financing.

Mr. Fetter has been active in the financial valuation services industry since 1978. He joined Corporate Valuation Advisors, Inc. in 2011. Prior to joining Corporate Valuation Advisors, Mr. Fetter worked for Klaris, Thomson & Schroeder, Marshall & Stevens, and Valuation Research Corporation. Mr. Fetter holds a BA from LaSalle University and an MBA from the Fox School of Business, Temple University.

Office: 856.244.1877

Email: [email protected]